Solutions to bubbles and slow flow during dispensing
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Nothing is perfect and will cause problems of one kind or another, so we should know the causes and solutions to these problems. The same is true for dispensing machines. No matter what kind of dispensing machine, there will be various problems, such as too slow flow rate and bubbles. What should we do if such a problem occurs?

Two suggestions:

1 . The flow rate is too slow: If the flow rate is too slow, the pipeline should be changed from 1/4” to 3/8”. If the pipeline is not necessary, it should be as short as possible. In addition to changing the pipe, the glue outlet and air pressure must also be changed to completely speed up the flow rate.

2. Bubbles in the fluid: Excessive fluid pressure and a too short valve opening time may cause air to penetrate into the liquid. The solution is to reduce the fluid pressure and use a tapered, beveled needle.

Follow the above methods to solve the problems of bubbles and slow flow rate in the dispensing machine. I would like to remind everyone that the dispensing machine must be operated strictly in accordance with the instructions when using it, so as to reduce the probability of abnormality. Only in this way can the machine work better and greatly improve work efficiency.